About Momma Nelson



Homemaking is a hard work. Cleaning, cooking, baking, sewing, decorating, planning, and budgeting are just the beginning of what is needed to create a home.  To someone faced with all of these tasks and responsibilities for the first time it can feel overwhelming.  I know it did for me.   For the past three decades I have learned these skills, making what feels like every mistake in the book, while working a full-time job in bookkeeping and raising four children.  What I’ve learned is that work that is broken up into individual steps can be scheduled and accomplished in a busy lifestyle.

As my children grew up and moved to college or an apartment I would get phone calls asking for help: How do I make dinner, how do I clean the oven, how do I figure out how much money is in my account?  This blog is my response to all of the “Mom how do I…?” phone calls.

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