How to Mail a Letter

In today's world we can communicate in seconds by email, text or telephone.  Why would we want to mail a letter that takes minutes to write and days to arrive at its destination? Good question! There are times when the fastest way is not the best.  Such as when... You've been invited to a wedding … Continue reading How to Mail a Letter

Press to impress

Although Twain’s work is still widely read today, he died over a hundred years ago. As you can see, Americans dressed much more formally back then than we do to sit around the house and read the paper. (Do they still print those?) While you don't have to wear a suit and tie in order … Continue reading Press to impress

How to do your laundry – Part Two

  Part One is available here After your clothes are washed it's time to dry them.  I'm going to assume that you will be drying them with a clothes dryer.  If you don't have access to one you can dry your clothes on a clothes line. It will take longer and you'll have more wrinkles, but … Continue reading How to do your laundry – Part Two

How to do your laundry – Part One

If your laundry basket is overflowing and there isn't any clean underwear left in the drawer, it's time to do laundry.  This post will focus on preparation and washing laundry. Let's start with the washer: You might have a washer and dryer in your home or you might have to to use a laundromat.  In … Continue reading How to do your laundry – Part One

Recipes Every College Student Should Know

I'm pleased to announce the publication of my first book! Sign up for College Cooking 101! To the average college student, a diet composed exclusively of easy mac, ramen noodles, and dining-hall leftovers can be pretty tempting. Help the dorm dweller in your life escape the pattern of high sodium and low taste with RECIPES … Continue reading Recipes Every College Student Should Know

Figuring out a budget you can live with

This may not be the most fun topic, but it's an important one. It may be temping to take your first paycheck and go on a shopping spree... but that is not a good idea. The bills will come due and you need to be able to pay what you owe. Step 1 - Take … Continue reading Figuring out a budget you can live with

Boiling water

Don't laugh.  There are those who took the instruction to "stay away from the stove" when they were children seriously. They have never even tried to boil water.  It's okay.  Boiling water is a basic skill that will serve you well in the future.  By boiling water you can make: pasta, hard-boiled eggs, oatmeal and … Continue reading Boiling water