How to write a check

It is possible, now with the widespread use of debit and credit cards, to go through life without ever writing a check.  However, it is still a viable way to pay a debt and you should know how to correctly write a check in the event you need to use it.

Let’s look at the parts of a check.


Check number

The  check number  is important to know so that the check information can be recorded correctly in your check register.

Routing number

Account Number

It is important to know  your bank routing number and your account number and where to find them on the printed check.  This information is used to pay bills online and to setup a payroll deposit with your employer.

The first part of the check that you need to fill in is the date.  Use the date you are writing the check.

Now complete the name of the entity receiving the money.  In this case I am writing a check to the local grocer.  Do not leave the name blank.  If you lose the check, someone can write their name, cash it and take your money.

This space is for the amount of the check written in numerals.

This line is to write the amount of the check in words instead  of numerals.  If you’re not sure how to write a number in words there are converters available on the internet.

This space is also called the comment line.  It is not necessary to complete for the check, but a place to write an account number or for what expense category the check is written.  In this case I wrote groceries so I can keep track of how much I spend on groceries in a month.

Finally we have reached the signature line.  Although you can use printing for the rest of the check as I have, you need to sign your name in cursive for your official signature.

Signature Complete

Now you know how to correctly complete a check.

Happy spending, but keep to your budget!

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