From Disaster to Tidy

It happens to the best of us: you don’t have time to put away your clean clothes, you mean to organize those papers, or you dropped something on the floor and forgot to pick it up. But now it’s time to clean up.  Where do you start?


When you looked for your favorite green shirt the other shirts got messed up – you’ll fix it later.


Do you need all of these clothes?


It’s time to go through all of your papers and organize what you need to keep and throw away what is trash.


In order to clean your room tackle a section at a time.

  1. Clear out – it’s best to start with a clean slate
  2. Clean – wipe down all surfaces with soap and water or a spray cleaner, vacuum rugs, clean the windows, wash and dry the curtains.
  3. Organize what you have into: what you will keep, what you’ll give away and what is trash.



That’s it.  That is the secret to keeping a tidy room. Clear out, Clean and Organize.


In order to keep your room looking nice:

  1. put away clothes in the appropriate place
  2. throw away trash right away
  3. put things back in their place after you have used them
  4. change your sheets, dust all surfaces and vacuum the rugs every week
  5. clean the windows and curtains at least every three months.

Here are some before and after shots.





Whole room

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