Baby Cake Gift

How to make an inexpensive baby gift!

You just received an invitation to a baby shower in the mail.  You could just pick a present from the gift registry, but it’s been my experience that when you are shopping on a budget a small wrapped box doesn’t have much pizzazz.  With a bit of work you can turn a modest gift into a WOW gift!

Step one: Go shopping for the Babycake “ingredients.”

The main “ingredient” is diapers. For this present I’ve chosen Pampers 104 count. To cover the diapers I bought 5 receiving blankets.  The rest of the presents are really up to you. Pick small items that will fit on the cake and fit into your budget. Pictured here are: baby shampoo, baby lotion, baby bath, diaper sacks, comb, brush, aspirator and nail clipper, cotton swabs, ribbon, decorations and a gift card.


Step two: get one diaper and roll it into a cylinder, tying it with white curling ribbon.

Continue wrapping diapers, one at a time, around the original diaper until you have created a layer.  To create three layers divide the diapers into three piles using a factor  of two. For example: using the 104 diapers the smallest “layer” would have 15, the middle layer 30 and the bottom layer 59. (For the math to be correct I would have used 15. 30, 60, but since there were 104 diapers I used one less for the bottom layer.)

Step three: place double-stick tape in the middle of a cake board and place the bottom layer on top.

Place wooden skewers in the middle of the bottom layer, have the skewers go through the next two layers to keep the cake straight and sturdy.


Step four: fold the receiving blankets so that they are the same height of the diaper layers.  The middle and bottom layers will probably need two blankets to cover them completely.


Step five: Let your imagination go wild! Ribbons, bows, flowers, whatever you have on hand.


Turn the cake to the back and add all of the other items you bought. Place them under the ribbon so that they are secure.


Step six: wrap the Baby cake in cellophane, secure with ribbon, and you have a present that will look great on the gift table.

The cost for the pictured present, including cake board and decorations, was $58.00. If you exclude the extra items on the back of the present it would have been $39.00.

Have fun with your project. I know you can do it.



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